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Trailer cut by Luke Salin; music by Eric Smith

Parked in America is a half-hour dramedy following Jamie Park, a Korean teenager, who moves in with her relatives in Illinois after a family tragedy strikes back at home in Seoul. There, she meets her cousin Eli, and together they navigate high school while struggling with identity, guilt, and grief.
Parked in America Poster

poster designed by Luke Salin and Sophia Uehara

Judy Song, Jeff Lawless, Solomon Abell, Ella Baker-Smith, Judy Han, Jim Cairl, Lexi Perkel, and MeeWha Alana Lee
key crew
Created & Written by Kayla Yumi Lewis
Directed by Luke Salin
Executive Producer Ann Swenson
Produced by Cole Bannick, Jori Johnson, Alexandro Pacheco
Director of Photography San Yvin
Production Designer Elizabeth W. Bescherer
First Assistant Director Elizabeth Rezende
Edited by Hyeseung Kim
Music by Eric Smith
Sound Designer Kathryn Ly-Bishop
Colorist Alexia Salingaros
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