Below are some short videos I shot and edited while interning for The Dogist, the instagram photo blog with 3.9 million followers and counting. All copy and photos by The Dogist team.
Dogist Roundup
Runtime: 1:01 - Posted June 4, 2019
A behind the scenes look at recent photos with narration by Elias, The Dogist.
275k+ views, 54k+ likes, 396 comments
Dog Moment of Zen
Runtime: 0:19 - Posted July 13, 2019
A short snippet of Hagen the Golden enjoying a summer day in the Tompkins Square pool.
237k+ views, 42k+ likes, 280 comments
Rescue Month
Runtime: 1:00 - Posted November 15, 2019
A summary of rescue dogs that had been adopted or were still up for adoption during October's rescue month.
108k+ views, 17k+ likes, 156 comments
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