Cereal Killers
Runtime: 3:39 - December 2017
Final project for NYU's Sight & Sound Filmmaking class. Two friends fight viciously over the prize at the bottom of a cereal box.
Take Me
Runtime: 3:43 - October 2017
Third project for NYU's Sight & Sound Filmmaking class. An alien abduction doesn't go as expected.
This project is required to be black & white & silent.
Snow Day
Runtime: 1:24 - February 2017
My first snow day. Captured on iPhone.
Runtime: 2:38 - May 2017
Final project for NYU's Sound Image class.
Imagining my life flashing before my eyes.
Petunia's All Over Me
Runtime: 6:00 - November 2018
A house sitter spills the ashes of the homeowner's late, beloved dog. His efforts to fix his mistake only furthers the mess.
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